Unless it is not clear? And than

Unless it is not clear? And than The age of the child, the less it mature is less.

Unless it is not clear?

And than it less mature, especially his behavior is irrational.

By nature, instinctively the child feels how the love of parents is vital to him.

But it has no congenital skill how to try to deserve or achieve it.

This logic outside its instinctive understanding.

Eventually the child, of course, can learn it, but such ability is not put in him from the birth.

Instead of winning our love and attachment the good behavior, the child constantly feels our love the behavior, in which root a question: You love me?

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Without Whether you think, what they grew up real men?

Last time, when I saw these boys, even I was struck with their femininity.

Affectedness, a baby talk, appearance, habits everything was, as at girls.

You are surprised.

But would not follow!

I as the psychiatrist meet it every day.

Boys, whose fathers are severe and rigid, as a rule, grow up effeminate mother's darlings.

Without showing any tender feelings, fathers push away the children.

And here other example.

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If they also

If they also Not nervousness, but aspiration everything to learn it.

Mobility is necessary to it tirelessly to practice and study the new.

Prevent accidents and fears Year dangerous age.

Parents cannot prevent all accidents.

If they also tried to make it, their care and concern would make the child shy and dependent.

But the huge majority of heavy accidents can be prevented easily if to know the usual reasons causing them and reasonable means to try to avoid them.

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Thanks to that

Thanks to that If the parent tells: Look that you did!

, this statement will provoke anger and tension.

It would be possible to tell: I am upset when to the house carry dirt.

Thanks to that this statement is said in quieter tone and here does not contain direct charge, it is not created such tension.

We receive real return when the teenager himself starts using a pronoun I.

The offers beginning with I very much help the child to develop a habit to be responsible for the behavior.

Important part of communication is silence.

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Fox Summing

Fox Summing Hare Red, fluffy, Dexterous and cunning.

Fox Summing up occupation.

Praise children.

OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we show the fairy tale Zayushkina Izba Preliminary work: acquaint children with words on cards for global reading see the Appendix; teach to correlate words to figures of characters; prepare material for the game Cutting Pictures paint images, paste on a cardboard, cut on part.

Occupation purposes The educational to develop educational skills ability to listen to the fairy tale up to the end, to hold the correct working pose at a table; to cultivate ability to imitate; to learn to coordinate the actions when carrying out a simple performance.

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The child

The child One of the most important lessons which is important for remembering if we want to raise properly children to each child is necessary also contact of an eye in eyes, both a physical touch, and close attention, but at the same time and discipline.

The child has to feel both our love, and our hardness.

Sincere attachment does not contradict hardness and insistence in relation to the child at all.

Tenderness and the tender address do not reduce hardness and do not foster permissiveness.

Permissiveness assumes a lack of hardness and lack of borders within which the normal behavior of the child, and at all not love is admissible.

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The care

The care Especially it concerns such diseases which demand constant care and attention of parents, for example diabetes.

The care of the children having this illness demands enormous efforts and time from parents.

Treatment of an illness so entirely engrosses all attention of parents that they lose sight of others, in particular emotional needs of the child.

Careful parents so concentrate, for example, on time and correctness of reception of necessary doses of insulin, on selection of a diet, analyses on sugar etc.

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